Ciatti Canada

The Ciatti Company set up its Canadian operation in 2001, and since then has been building relationships and broking deals throughout North America. Dennis Schrapp is our Canadian broker, and is responsible for liaising with all members of the wine market. The Canadian office focuses on bulk wine, concentrates, super fruits, high proof spirits and case goods for both private and shared labels.

The Canadian office is also responsible for broking deals within all US States except for California and Oregon, which are looked after by the US Head Office.

27 Adelene Cresent
St. Catharines, ON. Canada, L2T3C6

Phone: 905.688.1340
Fax: 905.358.6471

About Canadian Wine

Canada’s wine industry vinifies imported grapes and grape juice. These are specifically labeled as “Cellared in Canada” which are not required to conform to the Vintners Quality Alliance content regulations, which are quite strict. Most Canadian wine regions, including Okanagan Valley are consistent and reliable, specific to their iced wine production. Ice wine is the most recognized product internationally for Canada. Fruit wines and meads are increasingly common in Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta, which are also regions with climates not favorable to producing grapes.


Similar to New Zealand, Italy, Germany, and North France, Canada is considered a cool-climate wine producing country. Vintage to vintage varies in quality just like Burgundy or Bordeaux.

Each of Canada’s wine regions has its own particular soil ecology, mesoclimate, and topography in which grapes thrive in soils high with glacial deposits, due to the effects from the bodies of water close by.

The Wine Regions of Canada

  • Nova Scotia
  • Eastern Townships
  • Niagara Peninsula
  • Vancouver Island
  • Golden Mile
  • Okanagan Valley
  • Prince Edward County
  • Montérégie
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