Ciatti Chile

The Ciatti Chile Office was established in Santiago, Chile in October of 1996. Today we are widely recognized as the leading export brokerage company in Chile. With a focus on the export market for bulk wine, we also broker case goods, grape juice concentrate, grape alcohol, and Pisco. In addition to our activities in the export market, we also work in the domestic grape and bulk wine markets. We partner with wineries and growers, both big and small, and now have suppliers representing all of the growing regions of Chile. These suppliers allow us to offer products that range from high volume, value end bulk wines, to high quality, low yield wines from the most premium valleys of Chile.

Today we are proud to say that Ciatti Chile has developed very strong relationships with the major premium producers in the Chilean Wine industry.

Avda. Presidente Kennedy # 5488
Oficina 1005, Torre Norte, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile

Phone: 56.2.32511.691

About Chilean Wine

Chile has a reputation for producing wine of tremendous value, but that’s not saying the wine from Chile doesn't include outstanding varieties to brag to the world about. Being a new world region of wine, Chile has over 2,500 coastline miles along the Pacific Ocean.  The country produces fruit-forward and herbaceous wines that are close in reference to France. Hence why Bordeaux producers have heavily invested in Chile, making it their second home.


The climate and geography of  the Andes, to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west, Chile is long and narrow.  The country's vineyards stretch along 800-miles of land from the Bio-Bio Region in the south, to the Atacama Region in the north. Chile’s climate varies, while the north regions are quite dry and warm, in comparison to the cool, wet southern regions.

The Wine Regions of Chile

  • Atacama
  • Coquimbo
  • Aconcagua
  • Central Valley
  • Casablanca Valley
  • Southern Chile
  • Curico Valley
  • Malleco Valley
  • Maipo Valley
  • Itata Valley
  • Coachapoal Valley
  • Lumari Valley
  • Elqui Valley
  • +More