Ciatti France & Europe Team Bios


Wine Broker | Joined Ciatti in 2004
Master’s degree in Management and Negotiation of International projects (International Trade, Economics, Business & Law) – Master’s Program in Applied Foreign Languages English & German
In charge of the Scandinavian, Dutch and UK markets as well as Organic wines


Ciatti Wine Broker since 2007
Wine Master degree from Dijon Business School in 2007
In the wine business since 1999
In charge of the management of the office, Swiss and Italian market


Junior Broker since 2018
Master’s Degree in “International Wine Trade” Avignon University 2014
In the wine business since 2011
In charge of the south of France market


Ciatti Wine Broker since 2011
Graduated from Dijon Burgundy Business School in 2008 – Specialized Mastère in International Wine and Spirits Trade.
Involved in the wine business since 2005, having gained experience in different wine sectors (Negociants, Coops, Private wineries) in many fields (Trade, Marketing, Communication, Logistics) In charge of the Iberian (Portugal, Spain) and French (Languedoc, South West, Bordeaux, Loire Valley) markets.


Broker Assistant at Ciatti since 2015
Master’s degree in International Management of small companies in 2012
Working in the wine business since 2012


Broker Assistant at Ciatti since September 2019
In the wine business since 2018
Degree in Customer Relationship Management in 2018
Degree in Applied Foreign Languages, spanish and english, 2017