Ciatti Argentina

In April of 1998, the Ciatti Company opened the office in Mendoza, Argentina. The creation of this office was in response to the fast expansion of the South American bulk wine and grape juice concentrate market.

Today, Argentina is the world’s fifth largest producer of wine grapes, with an annual production of 16 million liters of wine and 150,000 Metric tonnes of grape juice concentrate. The country has a cultivated area of 220 thousand hectares. Due to the recent success of Argentine fine wines throughout the world, there has been a substantial increase in varietal grape vine plantings. The wine business in Mendoza has also seen significant foreign and local investment in the past several years.

Montevidao 292 1st Floor, Of. 4
Mendoza (5500), Argentina


More About Argentinian Wine

Globally, Argentina is the 5th largest wine producer. Roots from Argentinian wine stem from Spain. When Spanish colonization occurred in the Americas, vines were brought to Santiago del Estero in 1556. Grape cultivation and wine was then produced throughout neighboring regions, to eventually make its way to other areas of the country. November 2010 marks the year that Argentina's government declared wine their national liquor.


Due to little humidity and high altitude, Argentine vineyards typically do not have issues with insects, fungi, molds and other diseases that tend to affect grapes in other countries. Cultivating with little to no pesticides is practical with the climate, which allows fully organic wines to be grown with ease.

Most soils are sandy and alluvial while some regions have gravel, limestone and clay. In the cooler Patagonia region, soil tends to be chalkier.

The Wine Regions of Argentina

  • Mendoza
  • San Juan
  • La Rioja
  • Salta
  • Catamarca
  • Río Negro
  • Southern Buenos Aires
  • +More