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With over 720 wineries, Oregon is fourth in the US behind California, Washington, and New York when it comes to wine production. Oregon has several wine regions that are well-suited for grape growing while other areas share the border of Idaho and Washington. Although the commercial production of wine in Oregon began in the 1960’s, wine making dates back to the state’s pioneer days (1840’s).

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Sections of Walla Walla Valley AVA, descend into Oregon in the Milton-Freewater area, although it’s mostly located within the state of Washington. Recently, the Rogue Valley and the Umpqua Valley AVA joined together to form The Southern Oregon AVA. Many other AVAs smaller in size are located in some of the larger regions previously mentioned. The Snake River Valley AVA, which also stretches in and out of the Idaho / Oregon border along the Snake River. This was the very first AVA that included Eastern Oregon.

Willamette Valley's climate is typically mild year-round. Cool and moist in the winter, warm and dry in the summer therefore extreme temperatures are not common.

The Umpqua Valley has a warmer climate than the Willamette Valley, but is cooler than the Rogue Valley to the south.

Rogue Valley AVA is the driest, warmest grape growing region of Oregon.

Columbia Gorge shows noticeable differences in elevation due to geography of the gorge, with powerful winds also playing a factor it's climate.

Snake River Valley's climate is unique since the average temperature tends to b cooler with lower rainfall which creates a shorter growing season.

The Wine Regions of Oregon

  • Applegate Valley AVA
  • Chehalem Mountains AVA
  • Columbia Gorge AVA
  • Columbia Valley AVA
  • Dundee Hills AVA
  • Elkton Oregon AVA
  • Eola-Amity Hills AVA
  • McMinnville AVA
  • Red Hill Douglas County Oregon AVA
  • Ribbon Ridge AVA
  • The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater AVA
  • Rogue Valley AVA
  • Snake River Valley AVA
  • Southern Oregon AVA
  • Umpqua Valley AVA
  • Walla Walla Valley AVA
  • Willamette Valley AVA
  • Yamhill-Carlton District AVA
  • +More