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Global Bulk Wine and Grape Brokers. Ciatti Company

The Ciatti Company is the world's largest broker of bulk wine and grapes. We are committed to providing you with all of your wine supply solutions. Whether you're after 5 gallon pails or bulk tanker quantities, we can find the right product for your requirements.
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Bulk Wine to Buy and Sell

Being that The Ciatti Company is the world's largest broker of bulk wine, there is nearly no limit as to the volume of wine and grapes that we can supply. With 40 years of experience in the wine markets across the world, Ciatti Company is the last wine brokerage in the every-changing wine industry, that you will ever need.

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Bulk Wine Brokers In California and Worldwide
Winegrape and Bulk Wine Evaluation services

Evaluation Services

From evaluating the price of a single lot of wine, to evaluating entire winery and vineyards assets, Ciatti Company's highly qualified and experienced bulk wine and grape brokers will assist you with confidence and discretion, whether it's buying or selling.

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Red Wine Grapes For Sale in Bulk
Bulk Grape Purchasing and Sales
Grapes for Sale
White Wine Grapes For Sale

When sourcing or listing the perfect tonnage of grapes, The Ciatti Company will make harvest season much less stressful by brokering them for you.

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Concentrates & Alcohol

Sourcing both domestic and international concentrate, as well as alcohol spirits, has never been easier with the attention to detail and service provided by Ciatti.

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